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May 21, 2009

my favorite violet

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My Mom gave me these and this is the second year they have come up. I have no idea where she got them. Will have to ask.

update : My sister remembers and has posted the story in the first comment to this post. THANKS AMY

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  1. I was with her when she got them. Mom bought them from a nursery on Baltimore Pike when I was maybe five or six years old. The place got torn down when they built the Franklin Mint. (Another reason to hate them beyond the tacky figurines.)

    Back then, Laura and I each had our own little garden patch in the backyard. The Freckles may have been a freebie from the lady who owned the nursery because she was selling all her inventory before everything got dug up for the mint. I remember that she dug them up out of the ground and made little newspaper pots for us to take the plants home in.

    On the same trip when she got the Freckles, Mom also got a prickly pear cactus for my garden. At some point, maybe when she was planting the cactus, she ended up with spikes in her arm.

    Comment by AmyP — May 21, 2009 @ 11:22 pm

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